Wednesday, August 30, 2017

More Jack Kirby Creations to Draw

The Jack Kirby Tribute book is very close to getting 100 artists to draw 100 Kirby creations. More info here.

I’m thinking the last few characters are not grabbing anyone. So I’m jumped back into the Kirby Cosmic Creation pool and pulled out these gems.

There are only nine slots left for artists and you have your choice of these characters to draw for the tribute book.


Angry Charlie



Captain 3-D

Captain Glory

Captain Victory


Destroyer Duck

Director Chusang

Fourth Sleeper

Glorious Godfrey









Silver Star

Vykin the Black

The Wizard

The Wrecker

Remember.... Just Create!

What Comics Should I Read?

How to Start Reading Comic Books

Often, I'm asked for suggestions on what comics to read from people who want to get started in this hobby/fandom/obsession.

I've given them my list of must reads. I just found a site dedicated to helping newbies in a much more through way.

It's called

How to Love Comics

I highly suggest this to people just starting out and you should pass this along to other friends you know.

Remember... Just Create!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

100 Artists Drawing 100 Jack Kirby Creations

Jack Kirby Centennial

Please help me spread the word about tribute book to Jack Kirby to celebrate his centennial. 100 artists drawing 100 Kirby creations.

You can find more info at this link 

Now if none of these float your boat, then Kirby has created thousands of characters beyond the 100 I chose. You can replace these last few with any that are not already  taken.

Or combine characters. For instance, you want to draw the Fantastic Four (which is already taken) then choose one of their enemies fighting the team or one of the members.

Remember.... Just Create!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Jeff Koons and Copying

How Jeff Koons, 8 Puppies and a Lawsuit Changed Artists’ Right to Copy

Installation view of Jeff Koons, String of Puppies, 1988, at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Photo by Amaury Laporte, via Flickr.
In 1988, Jeff Koons unveiled his “Banality” series. The exhibitions consisted of a series of porcelain and wooden sculptures based on photographs and other archetypal objects.

Boy was he sued!

For the art world, the cases produced by the “Banality” shows resulted in judgements that have helped to define when artists can and cannot use the work of others for their own pieces, making a lasting impact on copyright law.

Read this article for more information.

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