Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Let's Celebrate Will Eisner's Centennial Year

Will Eisner drawing The Spirit in the 1970s
In this Will Eisner Centennial Year, how about we get a hundred artists to draw 100 characters created by The Master Storyteller; who has inspired many of us in our comicbook art.

Here is a gallery of Eisner creations:

Characters created by Will Eisner have been selected for 100 artists to draw. Digital files will be submitted at the proportional size of 6.625“ x 10.25“ and will be 300 dpi.  One character per artist. However, that character may be drawn by more than one artist. For instance, There are two spots for Ebony White and 8 spots open for 8 artists to draw Silk Satin.

After all art is received, we then put it together as a plain vanilla .CBR  and an interactive PDF with everyone getting the credit  they deserve

The layout of the issue will be roughly:

1. Cover

2. A short text piece about Eisner.

3. Bio about Eisner.

4. The pin-ups or sequential pages created by the 100 artists. However, you want to pay tribute to him based on the character selected.

5. Credit pages with each artist providing name or username, country, favorite Eisner story or character, your web-site link.

6. Back cover

This will not be printed. It is strictly for download by the participating artists and whoever has the link.

Due date to submit completed art is May 31st. Art can be in color or black & white. Do what you are best at; drawing or painting. A Dropbox will be set-up to receive files.
Completed book and links to be provided on June 30th.

Okay, lets celebrate!

Start by putting in your bid for the character you want to draw in the comments below. Indicate your request by number and name.

The original post will be updated as slots are filled by artists.

Final files size of 6.625“ x 10.25“ and will be 300 dpi (25 MB max file size) can be uploaded to Dropbox.

1. Wonder Man

2. Mr. Mystic

3 - 4 Ebony White

5 - 6 Lady Luck

7. Hazel P. Macbeth

8. The Flame

9. Mister Carrion

10. Uncle Sam

11 - 12 Doll Man

13 - 14 Black Condor
13 - Luis Germosen Jr

15. John Law - Captain Slow

16. Detective Grey

17 - 18 Blackhawk

19. Police Commissioner Dolan

20. Dr. Cobra

21 - 26 The Octopus

27. Joe Dope

28. Willum Waif

29. Hawks of the Seas

30 - 38 The Spirit

39 - 46 Sheena, Queen of the Jungle
39 - Howard Simpson

47 - 54 P’Gell

55 - 62 Sand Saref

63 - 70 Silken Floss

71 - 78 Darling O’Shea

79 - 86 Silk Satin

87 - 94 Lorelei Rox

95 - 100 Ellen Dolan

Remember... Just Create!

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