Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Inviting 100 Artists to Draw 100 Kirby Characters to Celebrate 100th Anniversary

In this 100th year celebration of Jack Kirby, how about we get a hundred artists to draw 100 characters created by The King; whom we all draw inspiration from in our comicbook art. One hundred characters or teams have been carefully selected to represent all periods from The King’s career. Digital files will be submitted at the proportional size of 6.625“ x 10.25“ and will be 300 dpi. One character per artist. We then put it together as a plain vanilla .CBR and an interactive PDF with everyone getting the credit they deserve The layout of the issue will be roughly: 1. Cover 2. A short text piece about Kirby 3. Bio about Kirby. 4. The pin-ups or sequential pages created by the 100 artists. However, you want to pay tribute to him based on the character selected. 5. Credit pages with each artist providing name or username, country, favorite Kirby issue, your web-site link. 6. Back cover This will not be printed. It is strictly for download by the participating artists and whoever has the link. Due date to submit completed art is May 31st. Art can be in color or black & white. Do what you are best at; drawing or painting. Completed book and links to be provided on July 30th.

Extended Deadline:

  • Submit art by July 15th
  • Complete book Aug 15th
Okay, lets celebrate!

Start by putting in your bid for the character you want to draw in the comments below. Indicate your request by name.

*Note: Artists should use Kirby's designs of the characters, not their own redesigns or that of any artists who drew the characters after Kirby. The original post will be updated as slots are filled by artists.

Final files size of 6.625“ x 10.25“ and will be 300 dpi (25 MB max file size) can be uploaded to Dropbox.
A Absorbing Man Agent Axis Annihilus Ant-Man B Big Barda - Howard Simpson Black Bolt Black Panther - Andy Orton Black Racer (DC Comics) Boy Commandos (entire team) - Marty Nozz Brotherhood of Mutants (original team) Bucky Barnes C Captain America Celestial (any one or all) Challengers of the Unknown (entire team) D Darkseid - finalfightguy Deep Six (DC Comics, entire team) Devil Dinosaur - Jim Towns Doctor Doom - Loc Nguyen Dragon Man E Ego the Living Planet Enchantress (Marvel Comics) Eternals (any one or entire team) Etrigan the Demon Executioner F Fantastic Four (entire original team) Female Furies (entire team) Fighting American Fin Fang Foom Fly (Archie Comics) Forager (comics) Forever People (any one or entire team) Frightful Four (entire original team) Nick Fury (S.H.I.E.L.D agent) G Galactus Giant-Man Granny Goodness Groot Guardian (DC Comics) H Hela - Emily “Syreene” Vitori Hercules (Marvel Comics) High Evolutionary Hulk - SHIKARI HOTEP ARTS I Impossible Man Infinity-Man Inhumans (entire original team) Iron Man It! The Living Colossus J Gabe Jones Rick Jones Juggernaut K Kamandi Kang the Conqueror Klarion the Witch Boy - reedrothchild29 Klaw (Marvel Comics) Krang (Marvel Comics) L Lockjaw Lightray Loki M Machine Man Mad Thinker Magneto Manhunter Medusa - Raphael Reyes
MODOK Mole Man N New Gods (any one or entire team) Newsboy Legion (entire team) Mister Miracle O Oberon Odin Olympians (any or entire team) OMAC (Buddy Blank) - Gregory Giordano (Flameape) Orion - Luis Germosen Jr P Parademon Psycho-Man Q Quasimodo Quicksilver R Radioactive Man Red Skull Ronan the Accuser S Sandman (DC Comics) - Jon Bogdanove Scarlet Witch Sentinel Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos (entire team) Sif Silver Surfer Sky Masters (entire team) Super-Skrull T Thing Thor - Superior “*TS*” Venom Tigra Two-Gun Kid U Uatu V Vision (Timely Comics) W Adam Warlock Warriors Three (entire team) - Paul Smith Wasp Wonder Man - Aaron Glendenning X X-Men (entire original team) - Scottie Watson Y Young Allies (Marvel Comics, entire original team) Z Arnim Zola Baron Zemo

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