Friday, November 11, 2016

How Do You Make it?

 Construction - Circles and Blocks

art copyright H. Simpson

When you are drawing the human figure, there are two or three ways you can go about this. You can construct a form using circular motions, which is a balloon form of construction. Or you can use a block form of construction. Or combine the two. Use whatever method is comfortable for you.

It really doesn't matter, as this is something that usually only you will see. The whole purpose is to create an animal or human form. You can be as messy as you want at this stage. While constructing the form, there are considerations in play such as muscles, proportions, liveliness and creating a figure that has substance and weight.

You can only express an outward figure correctly when you have a knowledge of the internal structure. You need to know the bones, and the muscles and tendons which connect and make action possible.

This will help you to construct figures from imagination, whether they are human, animal or insect. This will reduce your dependence on models in reference, so that you can greatly speed up production time of your work.

Learn the bones and muscles, then test your knowledge by making memory drawings. Your knowledge of anatomy will also greatly enhance the quality of your figure drawings when you're using a live model. You will be able to analyze the musculature with the understanding of how the form is created. Your observation skills will be increased, as you approach the figure more intelligently and become better at drawing it.

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