Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hands are Handy to Draw Dynamically

photo © 2016 H. Simpson

Time and again I've heard artists say hands are the hardest to draw. I've always wondered why, because we always have a hand model with us. Ourselves!

You can look at your hand and pose it at any time. Use a mirror for poses for the opposite hand or other views. See how keeping a mirror near your drawing table is coming in handy? And you can take a photo with your smart phone or tablet, which costs you nothing! and you can have the EXACT pose you need, as well as the lighting you want.

Also don't be intimidated by the moving pieces. Start with the larger basic shapes and then drill down to the smaller sections. Draw all the fingers as one solid mass, before separating them to draw each finger one by one.

to be continued…

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copyright 2016 H. Simpson