Monday, November 7, 2016

A Word About Books

Great anatomy books to own.
Fortunately, we don't have to use cadavers to learn about the muscles in our body, as artists did in the past.

Books are our best friend in this regard. Use them to learn the names of muscles, how they connect to each other and bones. Learn how they move, bulge and twist. Ooo, I think that's called kinesiology now.

Don't reject a book because you don't like the style of the artist. You are not using the book to draw like that artist. You are using it to benefit from their knowledge of anatomy, which includes muscles and skeletons.

It’s important to learn the muscle names, as this will help you to remember to draw them and to which muscle they are connected.

It is helpful to know the names of bones also and very important as the muscles and tendons connect to the bones.

Here are some recommended books to buy or read. I say read, because if once again you have an excuse that you can't afford to buy them, then you can use the library for free.

Buying any of these books I recommend, gives me a little kick back and helps support me doing the blog.

to be continued…

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