Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What are the Page Rates to do Comic Books?

Page Rates for Comic Book Talent

I’ve covered the various scenarios talent can find themselves positioned in the comic book industry and the page rates. That is corporate, small press. self-publisher and independent publisher.

So let’s review before we go further into the business of comic books and graphic novels.

Based on a 22 page comic book.
Minimum rates per page:
writing - $13
pencils - $58
inks - $29
colors - $11 to $29
letters - $3

Starting rates per page (these can go higher):
writing - $35
pencils - $125
inks - $90
colors - $50
letters - $20

Pro rates per page (these can go higher):
writing - $75 to $100
pencils - $155 to $200
inks - $100 to $175
colors - $75 to $100
letters - $35 to 50

Everyone deserves to make at least minimum wage for their services; writer, artist, colorist, letterer and any other job in America. Not only deserves, it's the law. Regardless of skill level.

to be continued…

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