Friday, January 3, 2014

Comic Book Cog in the Wheel

A pair of hands or partner?

If a writer is going to hire an artist to be a pair of hands to just draw, then the rate should be just like any job and match Federal minimum wage, which would work out to $58 a page for pencils only.

If a writer wants to have an artist be a collaborator, then each should share in the risk, ownership, copyright and royalties and whatever else they agree upon. If any money changes hands, however little; that amount is between them as creative partners in a speculative venture.

I have dealt with writers who don't want/can't afford to pay my rate, but want to keep all the rights, even to my artwork! Some have even asked to keep the artwork! Obviously, I didn't do a deal with them, but there are other artists out there who will. I think everyone agrees on that point, someone will step up and say "I'll do it!"

They’ll do it because they don’t know any better or think this is their big break.

to be continued…

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