Monday, December 23, 2013

Words and Art - Comic Book Readers and Creators

In Comics: Words and Art are Important

I believe that if you want to collaborate on a new comic book, comic strip or graphic novel, it should be clear that art and words go together. That is the very essence of comics.

Neither is more important than the other. You need both to pitch your idea successfully in MOST cases. "MOST" being that you're an unknown talent.

Writers shouldn't feel that artists consider themselves more important. Shame on the artist that acts that way.

There are certain realities that have to be acknowledged in the marketplace.

On a level playing field with no recommendations;  a new unknown book with unknown writer and unknown artist; then one thing happens in a comic book store every day. The potential reader can't read the whole book there (usually).This person makes a decision based  on the art to buy the book (usually).

Once the comic is read at home then one of four things is going to happen.
1. The reader never buys the comic again for whatever reason.
2. The reader likes the story and art and continues to buy the comic.
3. The reader likes the story, but thinks the art is so-so and continues to buy the comic.
4. The reader likes the art, but thinks the story is so-so and continues to buy the comic.

Like it or not this is visual storytelling medium. It's a symbiotic relationship, because it's a visual story with words. Visuals with text, not a series of pin-ups. Visuals and stories both are important.

I feel this is very important to understand. Writers and artists are equally important to the long term success of the comic.

to be continued…

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