Friday, July 19, 2013

Action Part 9a - Visual Vocabulary of Graphic Novels and Comic Books

Even Pros Have Issues

This is an unplanned detour, yet still relevant to the current topic.

This a bad Jim Lee drawing I saw. It's bad for many reasons, poor cropping, bad anatomy and tangents, among others. However, I think Jim's career will survive my critique. 

The topic today is balance. Woman Woman is off-balance. Her center of gravity is going through the foot that is not providing support. Now you may say, "Howard, he's just drawing her in perspective with the background." My response is, 'No, he didn't.'

First evidence is the background figures have a straight center of gravity.

Second. the perspective is off.

The problem with using a photograph for reference is that the perspective is most likely distorted. it doesn't match what the human eye sees. You can't follow it exactly.

To be continued...
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