Friday, May 3, 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect.

Work with the 5 principles of Opposition, Transition, Subordination, Repetition and Symmetry as  long as you need to in order to understand them. Become aware of how they appear around you in nature and architecture. Practice all kinds of line arrangements. Don't just look at them, really SEE them.


Create an enclosed shape and break it up into harmonious groups of smaller areas with lines. Squares and circles work best because of their unchangeable boundaries and allow you to focus on the interior lines. This is a good time to practice your brush work and draw lines of  equal weight.

Make some pencil roughs first and select the most harmonious and then ink them without a ruler.

The purpose is to create harmony.


Squares and circles only allowed you variations of the interior lines. Rectangles  now add many variations to the exterior lines.

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to be continued…

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