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The Ruler's Back

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How to Become a Comic Strip, Comic Book and Graphic Novel Artist

Tools of the Trade

As a general rule if something is organic then draw it by hand. If something is man-made then use a straight edge, guide or template. The tools below will help to get that man made feel.

31. RULER - Metal or wooden with metal edge. Do not use the plastic rulers as they will wear down.

32. T-SQUARE -  A tool for drawing parallel horizontal lines on a drafting table. It is also used to draw vertical and diagonal lines in conjunction with triangles. Use metal as wooden ones loosen over time.

33. TRIANGLES -  Made of clear acrylic plastic at 30°, 60°, 90° and 45° angles. The adjustable transparent triangle combines the functions of the triangle and the protractor. The upper row of numbers indicates angles from  0° to 45° to the longer base; the lower row indicates angles from  45° to 90° to the shorter base. 

34. FRENCH CURVES - Plastic or metal templates having an edge with several different curves. Used to draw smooth curves of almost any desired curvature. It's best to buy a set as you can combine the curves to produce the curve you want.

35. FLEXIBLE CURVE - Square metal core wrapped with light blue wear-resistant plastic. Adjustable and retains shape without support to create your own unique curves. It has a raised inking edge to use with technical pens or brushes.

36. DRAFTING COMPASS - A tool to draw arcs or circles. One arm of a compass has a needle. The other arm contains graphite. You should buy a drafting compass which has an interchangeable point for pencil or ink. Best to buy a compass drafting kit with a large and small bow compass, as well as a divider and beam bar extension.

37. CIRCLE TEMPLATES/ ELLIPSE GUIDES - Made of plastic with openings to draw in various sizes from very small circles/ellipses to extra large circles/ellipses.

38. AMES LETTERING GUIDE - A clear plastic tool combining a rotating disk with an indexed rim for drawing guidelines for freehand lettering. Holes are spaced for three different systems. It includes direct setting for cross-hatching, grouped sets of guidelines and inch or metric measurements.

These two sites give good explanations about the Ames Lettering tool.

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