Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games - When you're starving and can't afford brushes

Black and white art of hungry boy in a bubble

How to Become a Comic Strip, Comic Book and Graphic Novel Artist

Tools of the Trade

17. MARKERS - A porous tip of fibrous material. I don't highly recommend this, however I have seen others use them very effectively. My reason not to use them is that markers can smudge and will fade based on exposure to direct sunlight. There are brands that have fade proof ink so look for those to buy. Also look for acid-free brands.

Brush Markers the usually have a flexible nylon fiber brush tip with which you can achieve fine, medium or bold brush strokes simply by changing the pressure on the point. The tip should spring back to hold its shape. These markers are also good for those who want to ease into using an actual brush.

Pen Markers usually have a hard nylon tip that allow you to create consistent lines, tight drawings, panel borders and lettering.

18. ROLLERBALL PEN - Water-based liquid or gel ink through a ball point writing mechanism. The ink is more easily absorbed by paper than oil-based ink and the pen moves more smoothly across the paper surface.

Water-based ink is prone to smudging. Liquid ink can bleed into paper. So gel inks are a better choice to use for drawing.

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