Thursday, February 2, 2012

The journey to become an artist.

Icarus' cousin laughing at Icarus' fate

Professional Comic Book Artist and Cartoonist

I'm going to continue to write about how to become a professional comic book artist/cartoonist, which henceforth I'll refer to as cartoonist so I don't have to keep hyphenating and/or slashing. I'm so lazy in that respect. 

By professional, I mean you can make a good chunk of your income from this endeavor.

My work has been published by a few companies. I like to think of myself as a storyteller following a grand tradition that started with our ancestors drawing on the cave walls to tell about the hunt and kills of the tribe.

What I will be writing about for the next few days will apply to all creative arts specifically and to life in general in some respects. Your life experience will allow you to take away what you will from my musings.

So stick with me as I'm not going to follow the stale linear path some people take when they tackle this subject. Boy, do they tackle it! I want to start by slowly caressing your mind. I may digress as my own mind gets inspired. Don't fret, I'll get back on track.

Keep reading. Please comment. Just create!

copyright 2012 H. Simpson